Toddler Time is for kids from 18 months to three years.  Toddler Time lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. We share books, sing action songs, and have a good time! Our activities are supportive of early literacy skills. The singing and rhyming activities promote the child’s ability to hear sounds and rhythms in language. This  important skill helps the child be ready to learn to read later on. Parents/caregivers are asked to stay with their child and actively participate.  We mainly want to present a fun  and positive library experience.

This is a good opportunity to meet other parents/caregivers of toddlers. After Toddler Time is over, parents are welcome to stay and visit, or spend a little time reading with their child. This is also a good opportunity for the toddlers to begin socializing.

There is no registration. Toddler Time is on Thursday mornings at 10:00, in the Clymer room. There are no programs in May, or August, and parts of December and January. Please Check the event calendar at the side of the page for times and days.



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